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Friday, January 22, 2010

How to Find Your First Three Paying Clients

I follow a handful of blogs regularly.  One that I've followed for the longest time is, which as the name suggests is a personal finance blog.  I've found several helpful hints there that I use in my own finances (like tracking spending with Mint).  Ramit Sethi, the blog's author, is in the process of launching a program designed to help people earn money on the side by freelancing.  Unlike most other advice I've read on the subject Ramit's advice is actually helpful.  In yesterday's post he points out how much time people waste in developing great marketing strategies for companies that don't yet exist.  His solution: go get your first 3 paying clients using the following 2 step process:

  • Who is your exact client, and where do they go to look for a solution to their problems? Do they read magazines? Go to the grocery store? Ask their priest?
  • Where are people already looking for solutions to problems, and how can you make a match between them and your service?

  • Email will be your most important communication tool for pitching clients. 
  • By getting in your clients’ heads, you can write emails that engage and lead directly to paid work

I highly recommend reading the full blog post.

Want to earn more money? How to find your first 3 paying clients
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