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Monday, January 11, 2010

How to Use Social Media to Connect With Other Entrepreneurs

There was a great post on this weekend.  It featured a few great ways to use Social Media to connect with other Entrepreneurs.  Check out the full blog post here. The highlights:
  • Follow Entrepreneur Twitter Lists 
I read through the top Entrepreneur Twitter Lists and found one that I like: Inc Magazine does a great job of incouraging interaction, not just broadcasting information.

  • Connect With Amazing Entrepreneurship Communities
Hacker News seems to have some great posts, but as with any bulletin board you have to tune out some noise (like a post about killing programmers if for not knowing statistics).  I guess that's an unavoidable side effect of free form discussion boards.

  • Use Social Media To Find Local Events
As the post says "there is no substitute for shaking hands and meeting in person."  I checked out Meetup and seems like a great resource to find local groups for just about anything.
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