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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Marketing Doesn't Mean Much If You Lack Substance

Whenever I tell someone that I started a blog a month ago I get all kinds of advise on what to do, most commonly
  • advertise with Facebook
  • advertise wth Google AdWords
  • join every social networking site possible
All of these pieces of advise have merit, but I can't help but notice they have a common theme: advertising my blog.  What about content?  A few people gave me advice on SEO tactics without even asking what this blog is about or why I wanted to start it in the first place!  This brings to mind two problems in the way many small businesses try to generate new business:
  1. Far too many small companies believe marketing means advertising
  2. Far too many small companies focus on finding customers before they have a product or service to provide them with
      I will focus more on increasing traffic to this blog soon, but my first priority is making sure it's worth reading. 
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