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Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Sales Failure

Last week I wrote about a door-to-door sales experience that bothered me (posts here and here).  This weekend another salesperson knocked on my door, and it didn't go much better. 

The salesman said he was from a well known cable company whose service I had used in the past (I'll save them the embarrassment of mentioning which one).  I let him know that I'm happy with my current cable service, WOW.  I told him it's a great service, there are almost no outages, and I pay a reasonable low rate.  When I told him how much I pay each month he said it was a shame that I didn't qualify as a win-back customer, because if I did he could have offered me a lower rate than what I currently pay.

What a horrible thing to tell a prospect!  He just interrupted my weekend to tell me that I'm not a priority to his company!  Unlike last week's sales rep this guy was an adult, so I didn't feel obligated to explain his error to him.  Instead I said "well, that would've been nice" and closed the door.
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