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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6 Months of Social Media

Today brings the first half of 2010 to a close, which means I've now been actively using social media for 6 full months.  I thought this post might be a good opportunity to reflect on how I've been using social media.

Blogging- The interactions I have with readers who comment here, in LinkedIn forums, and on have made the blogging experience more worth while to me than any other social tool.  I struggled early on to figure out what writing style worked best for me.  For the most part I try to be brief to respect my readers' time, as well as my own.  Also I hate reading blogs that never seem to get to a point, and I don't want to have one of those.

LinkedIn- LinkedIn has turned out to be the social media tool that has allowed me to make the most real connections.  I especially love the group discussions, which have helped me to find an audience for this blog.  With their new and improved discussion format it might be even easier to join in other discussions, and I look forward to that.

Twitter- I do an okay job of using Twitter, but I'm certainly not a power user.  You know what?  I don't think I want to be.  I mostly use it to help publicize my blog, but I'm always happy to retweet another article or message that I think others may enjoy, though I consciously do so in moderation (quality over quantity).  I also enjoy reading a few other people's tweets, though my follow list is small.

Facebook- I still haven't quite figured out how to use the world's most popular social media tool effectively.  With LinkedIn and Twitter connections just seem a little more natural: I follow you on Twitter because you write interesting tweets; I connect with someone on LinkedIn either because I've had a professional relationship with them (work or college) or because we've met through a discussion.  Facebook is the tool where users are most inclined to connect with everyone they can, so I get friend requests from people I barely knew in high school and others that I may have passed in the hallway at previous jobs.  I've kept my list of friends relatively small, and I'm comfortable with that.

Has anyone else been working to define/redefine their social media strategies this year?  I'd love to hear how it's been going!
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