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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Does Blogging Quantity Decrease Quality?

I received a comment on Monday's post that I should consider abandoning my rigid blogging schedule of posting every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 6am.  The idea is to focus on quality posts and not worry about quantity.  I agree that quality is critical, but isn't quantity important as well? 

I think blogging on a schedule has merit.  If I were doing anything else business related on a schedule it would imply improved quality (better focus, earlier shipping times, etc.).  I try to have the same focus when it comes to blogging, and thought I admit I've posted a few dull ones here and there I think the schedule ultimately helps me remember that this is something important to me.  Otherwise I'd just post whenever I felt like it, and it would quickly cease to be a priority.

Do any other bloggers keep to a schedule?  Any that don't?
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