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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Working Without Micromanagement

A friend of mine recently invited me to a get together she was having with some colleagues.  It sounded like a great opportunity to meet some new and interesting people, but when she told me it was on Friday afternoon I passed: Friday is a work day.  "I thought you worked from home on Fridays" she said.  She was right, I do work from home most Fridays (one of the perks of my job).  But that isn't the same as having Fridays off.  I've had other people make the same mistake.  They assume if I'm not being watched I'm not working.

People who are self employment can work whenever they choose.  So how do they get any work done without a boss breathing down their neck making sure they are working?  Self employed people quickly learn that if they aren't working, they aren't getting paid.  How can I work from home once a week when my boss isn't monitoring my actions?  True, my boss wouldn't notice immediately if I slacked off when working from home.  But he would notice if my job weren't getting done.  In fact, my boss's boss, and her boss, would notice if I dropped the ball.  And then I wouldn't be getting paid either.  I guess I'll have to meet up with my friend's group a little late.
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