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Friday, March 12, 2010

Google Apps Marketplace- First Glance

This week Google launched its newest offering- the Google Apps Marketplace.  I'm a huge fan of all things Google (my apologies to all Apple fans), so naturally I'm excited about their app store.

Google Apps Marketplace provides a great opportunity for small businesses, both buyers and sellers. This article on TechCrunch does a great job of explaining the details, so I won't try to here.  Instead I'd like to highlight a few of the apps that caught my attention.

Google Calendar Time & Activity Report - FREE

Add time and activity reporting to your Google Calendar.
Calculates and charts hours spent and amount and duration of different event types, for specific users, within a specific date range, etc.
  • Connects to your Google Calendar data
  • No software, no setup
  • Easily manage time and people


Office In Cloud: Microsoft Office Integration for Google Docs

Office in Cloud for Google Docs is the first native and easy-to-use integration between Microsoft Office and Google Docs
  • Cloud's tagging for personal documents
  • Save/Open/Update/Merge Google Docs from MS Office
  • Share documents with others with notifications


BatchBook Social CRM

BatchBook is a lightweight but powerful CRM that allows you to easily organize contacts, monitor social networks and track leads and deals.
  • Integrates with other small business web apps
  • Tracks contacts, communications and tasks
  • Highly customizable; custom fields and reporting


OnState Virtual Call Center for Google Apps

Firmly at the crossroads of Google and SaaS, OnState is a true hardware-free call center and ACD that enables full customer collaboration when paired with Google Apps.
  • Unified communications across voice, video, chat
  • Combine Google, Salesforce, SIP, and others
  • Ensure the right team members are reached


Google Analytics Dimension Analyzer - FREE

Identify and analyze top landing pages, campaigns, keywords, etc. by any metric, e.g. top landing pages by conversions, top traffic sources by new visitors, etc. No setup, runs on your live data.
  • Connects to your live Google Analytics data
  • Easily identify top performers across dimensions
  • No software, no setup

Has anyone else looked at or purchased any of the apps?  Feel free to comment.
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