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Friday, March 19, 2010

Increasing My Network

As I mentioned in a recent post I have kept my social network very small.  Everyone in it was someone I knew personally, and therefore everything I sent and received felt more personal. A couple of things this week have made me rethink this strategy.

1)  I've been reading a few posts from Lewis Howes.  He is a very strong proponent of using LinkedIn to connect with other professionals, and he posts many helpful suggestions on how to use LinkedIn more effectively (as you can see in this post). 

2)  I saw a tweet suggesting to use TopFollowed to help increase my Twitter network.  I signed up for it, and my network is in fact bigger.  I did already have to unfollow a couple of accounts that weren't for me (I hate when people tweet every thought in their head!), but it's too early to tell whether this will help me make any positive connections.

In all I think it was definitely time for me to reach out and begin expanding my network.  I'm still going to look for quality connections rather than quantity. 

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or similar experiences?  As always feel free to comment.
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