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Friday, June 11, 2010

Interruption Marketing

Monday's post about Curing The Social Media Blues generated some wonderful comments.  Unfortunately it also received a comment that was purely spam.  There was no attempt from the commenter to even pretend he was participating in the discussion.  The comment looked like this:
Free Unlimited Entertainment , Bargain Shopping, and Computer Learning Library.
1 Click Media bar
Our Free Gift to You
100% Free Super Entertainment System
100% Free Super Bargain Finder System
100% Free Computer Learning Videos
(hyperlink to cheesy website)

The comment was on a discussion thread in a LinkedIn group, so I personally couldn't remove the comment, but I did contact the group owner to let him know one of his members is a spammer.

What is the point of posting information about your product or service as a comment to another discussion?  I certainly don't mind when readers who make a valid comment include a link to their website or blog (in fact I like that it helps me connect to my readers), but this was pretty lame.  There's no way he generates any business this way.

Looking on the bright side, this is a rare occurrence.  Most of the feedback I get on my blog (or LinkedIn discussions,, or Twitter) have been great.  Thank you to everyone else who has added something positive to the conversations!
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