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Monday, July 26, 2010

21st Century Resume

I've been working on my master's degree for a couple of years, and in December I'll finally graduate.  I have a meeting scheduled with a VP at my present place of employment to discuss career options, but it's time to update my resume in case that doesn't work out.  But updating my resume entails so much more than it used to!

Today a resume is so much more than just one document that I send to potential employers to review.  I need to make sure that I present myself properly online as well.  Here's a quick look at everything I need to update:
  • Resume (paper version)- Yes, this is still going to be important.  Even in the digital age this is still something that most prospective employers will expect.  I think I'll mine done by a professional resume writer to give it a little more polish than the current version.
  • Social Media- Once I have a revised resume to work from I need to make sure that all of my online profiles are updated for consistency.  I'll also make sure to include links to my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts as well as my blog.
  • Search Results- It also doesn't hurt to make sure nothing embarrassing comes up in a Google search of my name.  Actually I don't expect this to be an issue for me: searching the name Pat Henry brings up 14,400,000 results, none of which have anything to do with me.  Still, worth checking just in case :)
I also wish I'd gotten around to stating a website earlier this year, because that would be a terrific way to further promote myself in the digital world.  As it stands I think the time and effort is better spent elsewhere, at least until I'm done with school.  Otherwise I think I have a decent list of things I need to do to have a fully updated  resume.

I hope this brief list may provide a good starting point for anyone else trying to update their resume.  Anyone with other tips is welcome to share them in the comments!
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