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Friday, July 23, 2010

Flipboard Revolutionary for iPad and Social Media

When the iPad first came out I thought "Wow, that looks cool, but I don't really have a need for it."  The new Flipboard app has me rethinking my position.  Launched by Twitter and Facebook co-founders, Flipboard takes links from social network feeds and displays them as pages in a magazine.  The Montreal Gazette explains in this article:
Flipboard takes the stories and photos linked to by friends on Facebook and Twitter and lays them out on the full-color screen of the iPad tablet computer like on the pages of a magazine.
Users can personalize the content on Flipboard, create their own sections around particular topics, and quickly flip through the latest material posted by friends on social networks by using the iPad touchscreen.
After reading the article I watched the short video demonstration on, and the application is very impressive.  I may have to consider buying an iPad just to use Flipboard!  I'll wait until they iron out some kinks though (Flipboard Responds to Failed Launch).
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